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canbus 40W 5000LM H7 Low beam Car LED Headlight Bulb

Compact global 40W 5000LM/bulb LED headlight, error free for  VW golf 6/7 , Touareg, Scirocco, and Sharan.
  • H7-F


  • 8512201000

40W 5000LM canbus H7 low beam Car LED Headlight Bulbs

Item No.:  H7-F

Product features:

l Using the automotive grade 7035 module light source, the single module has a power of up to 30W, and the lamp bead packaging adopts the thin film flip-chip technology without gold wires, which improves the performance of the lamp beads in aspects such as using under high current and high temperature resistance.

l 40W high power, built-in heat pipe, using 3008 fan, the lamp body is built-in with the driver + decoding circuit, which can solve the decoding problems such as EMC interference of the onboard computer, circuit loop detection, computer inspection, and flashing light.

l The same installation method as the original car halogen bulb, special vehicle dedicated installation card disc, and the installation is more simple and convenient.

l  Installation model comparison: Golf 7, imported Touareg, Scirocco, and Sharan.


l Operated voltage:9~16VDC/AC

l Currency:3.1A/13.2V。

l Power:40W

l Lumen:start>3200lm,stable>2800lm。

l Colour temperature: 6000-6500K

l Working temperature:-45℃~+85℃

l Lifespan:>10000 hrs

l other:anti-electromagnetic interference S95/54/EC。

Canbus H7 low beam led headlight 3




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