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Canbus 7443 T20 W21/5W Car LED Brake Tail Rear Fog Light

1. Exclusively designed, front/rear LED turn signal lights with no load resistors required and plug-and-play installation (no hyper flash)
2. ONLY good for front or rear AO (Amber-Off-Amber-Off) type turn signal light use (Not compatible with European cars)
3. Powered by 30 pieces of 1.5W each EPISTAR 3030 type SMD LED chipsets with a gorgeous amber glow, true 21W output, just like OEM 7440 BAU15S BA15S incandescent bulb, but with 4x brighter lighting output (1500 lumen)
4. Warning: You CAN'T use it for constant light up such as driving lights, daytime running lights; There is a protection IC inside, so each turn signal cycle can not exceed 8 minutes
  • 7443-3SMD-1860-R

  • B-KING

  • 8512201000

Canbus 7443 T20 W21/5W Car LED Brake Tail Rear Fog Light

Item No.: 7440-32GC-W


Lumen 2500lm
Power 35W
Chip 1860
Polarity No Polarity
Color Red

7443 led light

7443 led bulb

7443 bulb

7443 led


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