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35W Canbus all in one HID to LED D1S D1R car LED Headlight bulb

.All in one Plug and play design, Directly replace D series HID xenon bulb. +200% brightness.

. D1/D2/D3/D4/D8 series apply 8045 high voltage 45V module with high power 45W per LED chip,customized LED chip, apply packing and sealing technology, brightness is 100% or above brighter than HID xenon bulb.

. Apply 1.5mm double side copper plate +3mm heat pipe,thickness of copper plate and LED chip is more closer size and same light pattern of halogen bulb.

.Super slim light tube, perfect light effect , standard light shadow,suitable for reflector and prjector headlight system. especially with lens assembly to minimize the dark area, besides high output illumination, paving effect is better and perfect.

.Built-in driver, same structure as xenon bulb, directly plug to HID ballast.

. Use double ball bearing fan for better heat disipation.

.Strong adaptability, different brands, different manufacturers of ballast, can be smoothly lighted up and work normally.

  • D1S

  • B-KING

  • 8512201000

Non-destructive all in one Error Free Canbus  HID to LED D1S 35W LED Headlight Bulb

Model: D1S 



Voltage: D1/D2/D8 is 90V,D3/D4 is 45V,D5 is 9-30V.

Current:3.1A±0.1/13.5V(Input from ballast)

Power:35W(Input from ballast)

Lumen:>warm status 3500lm, >cold start 4000lm

Colour temperature: 6000-6500K

Operation temperature:-45℃~+85℃

Lifespan:>10000 hours


Available models: D1、D2、D3、D4、D5、D8

005 D2S

005 D2S high beam


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