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1156 Ba15s P21W Canbus 28W 2800lm white Osram LED turn signal rear fog light backup light

2800lm 28Watts  super canbus fanless LED turn signal light, fit for 98% canbus car models. Apply power and electronics decoding for excellent anti-hyper flash. Built-in thermistor for smart control light power and temperature.  
  • 1156-Osram-W

  • B-KING

  • 8512201000

1156 Ba15s Canbus 28W 2800lm white  Osram LED turn signal rear fog light backup light

Item No.: 1156-Osram-white 


Chip: Osram 3838
LED Quantity: 24pcs
LED Power: 28W
Voltage: DC12-30V
Beam  angle: 360 degree

1156 car bulb

1156 bulb

1156 led bulb

car light

7440 led bulb no hyper flash


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